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What are Virtual Assistant (VA) and Online Business Manager (OBM)? What are the benefits of hiring them?

A VA and OBM are independent contractors who provide business services to clients while operating outside of the client's office. They can complete one-off projects or they can provide ongoing support. Their services can be customised to suit your particular needs and provided when you need them. VA are great for handling administrative day-to-day tasks. OBM are suited for strategic support and helping business grow. Hiring a VA/OBM saves you cost and time (no superannuation, annual or sick leave cost and no need for office space and technology). You only pay for the time spent on your work. They do not require training and allow your permanent workers to focus on other tasks.

How does the process work?

After your initial enquiry I will arrange an obligation-free chat to discuss all of your business needs. If you are happy to move forward, we will both sign a Service and Confidentiality Agreement. This will outline all of the terms and conditions including agreed services, hours and payment package. Once the agreement is signed and deposit is received - I get to work! You can stop my service anytime by providing seven days written notice.

How is the work billed? What payment methods are accepted?

I send an invoice weekly, along with timesheets showing how the time has been spent on your business. Payments is due seven days from the invoice date and can be made via direct bank transfer. You will have an access to a customer portal to keep track of all your transactions.

How do you access our computer systems remotely? How do I share passwords and files?

I can log into most programmes remotely. I use LastPass which is a secure password manager that saves, stores, and organises your passwords and logins in an encrypted vault on your device. You will need to download the LastPass app to store your passwords. When I require a password, you can share it with me via LastPass. LastPass then enables me to log into the relevant site or app without me seeing the password! Files can be shared using either Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud storage and file sharing platform suits you!

If any of this seems confusing I can talk you through it

Know you need support but unsure where to begin?

Start by listing the tasks that take up the most of your time

Consider which of those tasks can be completed remotely

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